Art House and Jalava – 25 % discount on all books

Art House kirjoja

Kuvia arthousen kirjoista

The Art House group includes book publishers Art House, Kustannus Jalava, and Tietosanama and focuses on publishing versatile works on society, hobbies, science, history, and culture as well as professional and academic works. As a member you will receive a 25% discount on all Jalava’s and Art House’s books in the webshop. As an added benefit, the book-store covers the shipping costs. Special events and offers for alumni are also available at various times throughout the year. More information on these will be available on the Alumni Asso-ciation website.

The discount can be obtained in the webshop using the campaign code ALUMNI2020 when checking out. At events and on location at their bookstore, you can receive the discount by showing your paper or electronic membership card.