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Members of the Alumni Association have a great deal of expertise to offer for the benefit of the university community. If you want to put your time and skills to use for the common good, come and do academic volunteer work! Sign up as a volunteer via the link below and tell us what kind of volunteer work you would like to do for the benefit of current and former students and the achievement of the association’s strategic goals.

The tasks on offer vary depending on the situation, but the range of possibilities is wide: in recent years, the association’s members have done e.g. strategic planning, corporate cooperation, mentoring, communication and lecturing as well as recording information, proofreading and reviewing contact details at the university, at the association’s office and at events. Some tasks are committed to for a calendar year and some for the duration of one event, and they can be carried out both individually and as teamwork. There is a written description of each task, and a work certificate is also available upon request.