We will send you messages and communicate to you in English whenever possible. Due to limited translation resources you will receive communication in Finnish, because we don’t want you to miss out on any of the Association’s activities due to your language preference.

The association communicates of its activities mainly via e-mail. Invitations to events and activities are sent primarily based on the choices of interests made by the members themselves.

To get messages that interest you and avoid unnecessary messages we recommend you to update your areas of interest in the member register under the heading As a member I am interested in. Once you have updated your interests continue to the Confirmation tab and press “Save”. You can easily edit your interests and your personal details by ordering your personal member link from this page:

The choises of interest are:

  • Academic volunteer work within the Association
  • Academic events, such as lectures and seminars
  • Events that enable networking, such as celebrations, seasonal activities and After Work get-togethers
  • Events related to employment and careers as well as training
  • Cultural events, such as book-circles or concerts
  • Society
  • Health and medicine
  • Climate and sustainability
  • Economics and business
  • Alumnitravels
  • Sports
  • Alumniproducts
  • Acting as a mentor
  • Talking about your job or field at events
  • Talking at various events about your experiences as a student
  • Participating in the development of alumni activities in your field
  • Acting as an expert for the benefit of the University or alumni activities
  • Hiring a trainee or Master’s thesis writer
  • Participating (e.g. as an advisor) in university’s projects that prepare commercialisation of research findings

You are always welcome to contact us at if you need help with translating details of a message from us or our partners.




The electronic membership card is available for download to all alumni after payment of the annual membership fee. After payment through the personal register link, you will be automatically guided to download the membership card. The electronic card is stored as an icon on the home screen of your mobile phone.

The electronic membership card is a handy way of verifying your membership and making use of membership benefits when making purchases from UniCafé, UniSport, Gaudeamus and other partners. The card always stays with you on your mobile phone, with content that is continuously updated.

It is advisable to check the membership card every now and then, since it does not inform you automatically about new updatest hrough push notifications



The Alumni Association makes appearances at conferences for various fields, in publications and mailings by membership benefit partners, publications, and other media, as well as at events and collaboration projects organised by the University and its faculties. Do you know of an event we should attend? Send us an email at




The closed LinkedIn group of the Association is for work and career related discussions. Group members offer each other and students employment and traineeship opportunities, as well as career mentoring. The Alumni Ambassador program provides guidance and advice on job hunting. All members of the Alumni Association will be admitted to the group. At the moment, there are more than 1100 professionals from various fields in the group.