Janne Wikström is an alumnus


Ever since my graduation, it’s been clear to me that I want to stay in close contact with the University of Helsinki Alumni association. My identity is inextricably linked to the academic community, and the University of Helsinki is my alma mater. It was also my work­place for some 15 years. Although I often collaborated with the Alumni Association when working at the University, becoming a member and participating in the Association activities didn’t seem evident. I didn’t appreciate their value until I changed jobs in the winter of 2016. But since then, I’ve par­ticipated in the association’s events and other activities on a monthly basis. The activities make me feel I haven’t left the University or lost the friendships I made during my studies and academic career. They also give me an even greater incentive to continue my professional collaboration with the University of Helsinki.

Janne Wikström
Faculty of social sciences/Swedish school of social sciences