Saana Söderlund is an alumna


I joined last spring when I was still finishing my master’s thesis in early childhood education. I graduated in the summer, and in the autumn, I decided to attend some alumni events. I volunteered and managed an alumni control-point during the Freshman Adventure where freshmen had to come up with a superhero-like LinkedIn profile. I also attended an event organised by the Alumni Association about embarking on a career after uni-versity, which focused on professional life, career paths, and career-related tips. I also went to an alumni after-party organised after a Think Corner event themed ‘This wasn’t taught in school.’

Through the Alumni Ambassador service, I have received advice, for example, on looking for jobs.I work in early childhood education, in addition to which I write about events and people for the Karjalaweekly. However, my goal for the future is to work in a position more closely connected to my master’s degree. In the Alumni Association, I want to network and gain tips on what others have done in a similar situation.

Saana Söderlund
Faculty of Educational Sciences