Unisport training card for freshmen alumni – Save 452 €


To freshmen members of the Alumni Association, UniSport has a special benefit. You get the 12-month training card for the staff price of 207 € (normal price 659 €) and discounts on courses, as well as coaching, testing and massage services (court and gym bookings not included). Training cards for members of the Alumni Association can be purchased at UniSport customer service outlets.

If you have graduated less than two years ago, you qualify as a freshman alumnus or alumna. The free one-month suspension of the training card during a vacation offered to purchasers of a 12-month training card does not apply to freshmen alumni. Please present your membership card and your student certificate when applying at Unisport. Detailed terms and other service pricing are available in the UniSport price list. Prices are valid until 31.8.2021.