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AA Opiskelija tule mukaan

Through the Alumni Ambassador service, you can contact alumni of the University of Helsinki who want to help students with working life issues. Alumni Ambassadors can e.g. evaluate resumes, answer questions about job hunting or sector-specific skills, help identify your own skills, or recommend job and internship positions. The service is free for students and does not require membership of the Alumni Association. Those who graduated in the last two years can also use the service, but it requires the Alumni Association’s Freshmen Alumni membership.

Here’s how you can join the Alumni Ambassador service:

  1. Find out more about the service from the links below
  2. Register by filling out this form
  3. Wait for approval and more detailed instructions from the Alumni Association office.

When signing up for the service, we also recommend that you join the Alumni Association’s LinkedIn group. In the group, alumni and students can recommend jobs and internships and discuss work and career issues. The group is limited to University of Helsinki alumni, students and staff, so all its members are part of the university community.