Taita Research Sta­tion 10-year an­niversary


The multidisciplinary Taita Research Station was officially opened on January 12, 2011, but research started already in 1989 during a geography field course. Research re-started by the University of Helsinki in 2004, and the premises of current research station were purchased in 2009. During all these years, more than 80 MSc theses and almost 30 PhD theses works in Finland, Kenya, and elsewhere have used the data, infrastructure and logistics provided by the station.

At the Taita 10-year celebrations you will hear how we have come this far, what is going on and what looms in the future. Greetings will be given by founders: the University of Helsinki, Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland and Academy of Finland, and the collaboration partners from Kenya: University of Nairobi, Taita Taveta University, Ministry for Agriculture of Kenya and Embassy of Finland in Kenya. Reports of experiences and research results will be presented by MSc and PhD students and scientists about the impact of land cover change to ecosystem services, climate and biodiversity.

Future work is presented by Academician Markku Kulmala as Taita Research Station is part of Flagship “Atmosphere and Climate Competence Center” funded by the Academy of Finland, and by Dr Tino Johansson who will tell about a new project funded by EC Development on “Earth observation and environmental sensing for climate-smart sustainable agro-pastoralism ecosystem transformation in East Africa” under DeSIRA programme.

Thu 28.1.2021 9 am to 16 pm, livestream from Thinkcorner

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Bild: Christine och Göran Schildts stiftelse

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